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    Avast ye mateys! I dinnae wanna hear ye scallywags sayin Derby be t'same year after year, fer now thar be an invasion o' SPACE PIRATES spicin things up like a Martian Sandworm Stew. 

    Iffin ye wanna join our crew, ye ken board our mothership on Facebook. We is beamin' down fer:

    Keep yer eyes peeled fer our Space Pirate invasion force. We be dustin' off t'musty ole traditions by remindin' Louisville it ain't all about t'monies. Sometimes, festivals is about t'fun! We also be handin out some treasure maps t'help them unfortunate souls who ain't from the 'ville t'find where t'shop local an keep somma that sweet Derby gold inna city. 

    But we mostly be a mobile party. 

    G'wan. Try t'snap our pitcher. We may plant a big red kiss on yer cheek. Have fun explainin yer tan line later. We may challenge ye t'a duel (never bring a lightsaber t'a phaser fight). We may offer ye a drink. Ye won't know unless ye find us - which is all th' more reason t'get off yer duff an go t'Thunder, The Balloon Glow, and th'Parade. Trust me. Ye dinnae wanna miss this. 

    (Full disclosure - in case ye hadn't guessed, I been recruited as a Space Pirate.) 


    Photo Courtesy Chris-Rachael Oseland 

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