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    Louisville Summer Classics: Dairy Kastle
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    Summer will slip away soon…have you maximized your chances to go to Dairy Kastle? You know, stop on the way to somewhere else, stop on the way home, make sure you suggest it whenever anyone says, “what do you wanna do?”

    It’s easy to love the little Dairy Kastle ice cream stand.’s own editor, Elizabeth Myers, has been very open about her intense feelings for the shop and its Orange Cow. Here are three reasons I love it, too.

    It’s Casual

    Yeah, it’s a small, summer-hours only ice cream stand, so of course it’s casual. Wear whatever, stop by all sweaty after a softball game, swing in at all hours for ice cream. But it’s more than that. The house specialties, like the banana-peanut butter Fat Elvis shake, aren’t showpieces. You don’t look at them, you eat them. It’s the kind of place where you can get a scoop of protein powder added to your chocolate milkshake, or order a vegan hot dog, if that’s what rings your bell, and nobody makes a big deal about it. So refreshing.

    It’s Cheap

    I’m not going to say they should raise their prices, but it’ll probably cost you more in gas to drive over than it will to get something to eat. Even their packed ice cream to go is cheaper than the grocery store and, as the kid in line in front of me on my last trip said, “it’s the best ice cream in town!”

    It Caters to My Best Friend

    My dog, that is. The little princess comes with me and orders a doggie sundae, with vanilla ice cream and teeny Milkbones. Anywhere I can take my dog is going to get lots of my business. They’ll do a little sundae for the little guys and a big one for the giant dogs – just ask. The service here is the friendliest.

    Bring cash – no credit cards!

    Dairy Kastle is at 575 Eastern Parkway.

    Also, remember to get over to Barrel of Fun Ice Cream before the summer is over for great Brown Derbies and more.

    Photos: Kachina Shaw

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