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    Everybody likes to talk up that trendy local restaurant they went to last weekend. Everyone likes to think they discovered that obscure hole-in-the-wall in a forgotten strip mall.

    But admit it: you eat fast food too. It's like going to the bathroom. We all do it sometimes, but nobody talks about it in polite company. But these brave Yelpers went where few others want to go. They reviewed local McDonald's.

    Here are some dispatches from the city's most-reviewed locations:

    Luke E. visited the McDonald's on Hubbards Lane:
    He had a pretty good experience, but "...that breakfast sausage doesn't even resemble meat. If one of there physicists could create a better sausage it would be perfect."

    According to Daniel K., the employees of the McDonald's at 2nd and Broadway are less than enthusiastic about school buses. "As I was leaving two school buses were arriving. I felt sorry for them as I heard an employee say loudly, "s**t, more f****ing kids". Wow, really !?!  You market DIRECTLY to kids, or was the clown just for fans of the movie IT?"

    Sarah W. likes the McDonalds on Warnock, near UofL:

    "So, if you are having some sort of french fries emergency or in desperate need of a Shamrock Shake, this would be my recommendation."

    Apparently, the McDonald's in Fern Creek drove Kevin C. a little crazy:

    "This MCD sucks.  They have a bunch of idiots working.This MCD sucks.  They have a bunch of idiots workingThis MCD sucks.  They have a bunch of idiots working"

    David H., a McDonald's historian, gives his reflection of the "troubled past" of the McDonald's downtown, near Market and Preston:

    "Drug deals were done here and it was not at all unusual to find people sleeping on the tables, sitting on the patio out front drinking vodka or whiskey at all hours of day or night."

    And Axie F. took her chances on the McDonald's on Westport Road:

    "If your order isn't wrong or hurled at you in the window or made of rubber, go buy a lotto ticket!"

    Apparently it's a McDonald's minefield out there. Choose carefully, y'all!

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