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    The Louisville Zoo would like to introduce...Ziva!
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    As the youngest in my family, I wasn’t allowed to name any of our pets. Sure, everyone listened to my suggestions but I don’t think they were ever “heard.”  Looking back, I agree 100% with the collective family veto of pretty much everything I offered up, as most names I threw out were based upon The Brady Bunch and The Dukes of Hazzard.

    My point being, there’s just something exciting about being able to choose a name.

    Many guests to the Louisville Zoo apparently felt the same way and submitted names in a contest sponsored by Floyd Memorial Birthing Center for the Zoo’s newest zebra foal. Zookeepers than narrowed the field down to three names for public voting: Abby, Katniss and Ziva. Voting ended on June 23 and the votes were tallied.

    And the winning name was…..drum roll, please…..Ziva!

    Ziva is named after a character on the CBS show NCIS, which makes sense, as the father is also named after an NCIS character, Gibbs.  The winning entry was submitted by Zack Vannarsdall from Carrollton, KY.

    Ziva, born on January 18, 2013,  is the first Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal to be born at the Zoo in 13 years.

    So, when heading to the zoo this summer, remember to stop in and welcome little Ziva to the “Ville.

    (And be very, very thankful that she didn’t end up being named Jan or Daisy!)

    For more information, visit Louisville Zoo .

    Photo courtesy of the Louisville Zoo.

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