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    While Facebook has seemingly become a method to share memes, political views, and the joy of flash games, there are still those who try to use its capabilities to help others improve upon their own lives. Among the vast amount of pages and foundations found on Facebook is the group Louisville Lost, Found and Foster Pets Kentuckiana whose members have decided to help animals in need that are found anywhere within the Kentuckiana area. Usually this means that owners will post when their pet is lost or has been missing for a certain amount of time; but scrolling down Louisville Lost, Found and Foster Pet Kentuckiana's page one can easily see that this is more than just a page of lost and found flyers. 

    This group is made up of people who love and care for all animals, many of which probably know the feeling of losing a beloved furry family member. Due to the extent of their care for animals and other animal owners they have decided to post about any and all cases of lost, hurt, found, or at risk animals within the entire "Kentuckiana" area. Some member have also taken it upon themselves to post information on the groups page under "files" that can point anyone in the right direction who may want to try their hand at helping other organizations that deal with the well being of animals. They have a section with information about volunteering for the Kentucky Humane Society, another with local pet food banks and their websites, and an animal foster application. 

    Not everyone is looking to adopt any animal they run into  or volunteer at local organizations and not everyone can afford to donate money for at risk animals or things of that sort due to the trials of daily life, but this group page allows those caught in the waves of confusion and unending labor to offer a hand to any unfortunate family who has lost a pet or any animal that has been left alone and in need of help without asking too much or taking a vast amount of time. Thanks to the Louisville Lost, Found and Foster Pets Kentuckiana anyone can take a moment to spread the word about locally lost animals and potentially help a pet return home safely or find a new family to care for it. 

    With the oncoming flood of New Year's resolutions just around the corner it is nice to know that there is a group out there willing to make becoming a better person just a little bit easier. If you have resolved to attempt to better yourself in anyway this coming year then remember to start small, because some times the smallest step can lead to the greatest revelation. All it takes is a few clicks of a button to join the group and then you are free to share any reportedly found or missing animals and possibly help return them home. 

     “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

    Image by Schubbel via Shuttershock

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