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    Louisville's Top Photographers come together to create something unique for regi
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    Something truly unique happened in Louisville over the weekend. Over 400 fashion professionals and fans came together in one place to view the results of something that doesn't happen often. Eight of the city's top photographers came together on February 16 with their teams (made of professionals from Louisville, Cincinnati, Lexington) to create images around a common theme: "Oneiric". "Oneiric" means "having to do with dreams," and each of the photographers' images were quite different interpretations. They will be releasing the digital versions of the photographs on a Facebook page throughout the week. I found the images to each be breathtaking and interesting  in different ways. The themes ranged from romantic to horrific. 

    The eight photographers involved were: 

    Clay Cook

    Josh Eskridge

    Antonio Pantoja

    Steve Squall

    Heather Rous

    Cristian Caballero

    Joey Goldsmith

    Tyler Zoller

    The live event at The Icehouse was a top notch production, produced by Glass Label, a local film company formed by award winning photographers and cinematographers Clay Cook and Antonio Pantoja.  Entertainment was provided by DJ Andrew Kim  and the MTV's Buzzworthy band Lion Named Roar.  In addition to the photography on display, there was a self-run camera and backdrop set up with funny props where attendees could pose together in front of a white back drop

    The team also set up go pro cameras, and produced this lovely time lapse video.

    Project Oneiric - Release Party | Gallery Exhibition | Industry Affair - Timelapse from Glass Label on Vimeo.

    At the event, each of the photographers lined up and had a moment to discuss their experiences, and a "behind the scenes" video was shown:

    ONEIRIC-Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot from Justin Gustavison on Vimeo.

    The entire event was awash in a sea of excitement and appreciation. Everyone seemed to be having a genuinely great time, and the results were beautiful. It's great to see what a little collaboration can accomplish. I want to see more of this in Louisville.

    Photo by Nathan Mann, supplied by Glass Door - see the rest of Nathan's photos on Facebook

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