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    As the snow has piled up across Louisville Metro, a few people have attempted to organize "epic snowball fights" on the Waterfront Park Great Lawn and at the Big Four Bridge, only to be immediately shut down by Waterfront Park on Twitter, who kindly reminded all parties that there is an application process to these things and that a giant horde of people throwing projectiles has not been approved.

    After tweeting out the event - and being accused by Do502, organizers of the Bridge event, of stealing the credit for this million dollar idea - Wave3 quickly made clear that they were in no way associated with the snowball fights. Which will probably work in their favor when Waterfront Park calls in their enforcers.

    Waterfront Park was not immediately available for comment. They are, presumably, plotting ways in which to melt all of the snow before 1 p.m. today. As of the posting of this article, the event for tomorrow's epic snowball fight is still active on Do502.

    And, according to this post on Do502's Twitter, the epic snowball fight is still on: 


    So, what lesson did we learn today? That lots of people get way too hyped at even the possibility of throwing balls of snow at strangers? That maybe we mere humans are not meant for such epicness? Stay tuned. It is worth noting, however, that Waterfront Park's website does have many guidelines for organized events, including events like a "family picnic" with more than 50 participants. 

    Dog Hill, anyone?*

    *No, we are not trying to organize an epic event at Dog Hill. Go hang out with your family. If you end up throwing snowballs, had nothing to do with it. We swear.

    UPDATE 2/17/2014: 

    According to Do502's Twitter, Waterfront Park has granted permission for the snowball fight to go down today!


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