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    Love and Magic: Art exhibit opening with live entertainment [Visual Art]
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    Curators Andy and Kelly Cook have conjured up over 30 local artists to participate in a group art exhibit 

    called Love and Magic.  The opening will begin at 9:00 Friday, February 3rd at Bearno's by the Bridge accompanied by spoken word by artists such as Christina Howard, Kenn Parks, and Ron Whitehead.

    The event will also include an open mic session, so anyone can come and perform a spoken word piece or song. If you'd like to be listed on the line-up contact Kelly Cook at akcook777 AT the open mike, local prog rock band Son of the Widow will perform songs from their debut album "Hunting for Azoth" along with a few new songs from their current project "Isis in a Field of Dreams". Son of the Widow is scheduled to tour in Estonia with Ron Whitehead later this year and this show is part of many that will benefit getting this Louisville band to Europe for the Zero Tolerance International Estonia Arts Festival. 

    The theme Love and Magic was born out of a desire to utilize the month of "love" and celebrate the art and magic occurring at Bearno's. The Magic Theater is a new magic venue above Bearnos (Whisky Row lofts, 131 W Main).  Smerlin Entertainment will be warming up audiences with magic headliner Francis Menotti before the art opening begins. More information about the magic portion of the night is at the Smerlin Entertainment web site. You can also contact Bearnos at 502-584-7437 for tickets to the magic show. 

    Exhibiting artists include:

    Alexander King

    Andy Cook

    Carol McLoed

    Christina Howard

    David Spenard

    Dede Guerrisi-Jones

    Eli Jeter

    Erin Fitzgerald

    Evan Leibo

    Genna S Yussman

    Jada Lynn

    Jae C. Grady

    Jamie Lynn Smith

    Jen Mitchell

    Jennifer Rebecca

    Josh Loveless

    Karl Otto

    Kathy Fitzgerald

    Kelly Cook

    Kelly McCarthy

    Kenn Parks

    Kim Balevre

    Kim Torres

    Leslie Doyle

    Linda Akers

    Lisa Oechsli

    Norman Adams

    Richard Francis

    Sandie Griffin

    Scott Hile

    Shelby Baker

    Sultra Divine

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