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    5.20.11- Headliners Music Hall

    Even though it sounds like a sad occasion, Lucky Pineapple's farewell show on Friday was far from a downer. Ultra Pulverize, who have shared the stage with the Pineapple several times before, opened up this bizarre evening. As it was my first time seeing this robo-tronic trio, I was initially uncertain how I was supposed to dance to the beats. Many of them run rapid and free, so at any moment the rhythm could throw you off completely. I settled for doing a combination of grooving and subtle head-banging; however, its interesting to see what other people came up with. Tonight they also sported new costumes and previewed new material- like this song about H1N1...

    From what I heard compared to their other shows, this was low energy.

    Lucky Pineapple were greeted with much affection and support from Headliners's packed-in crowd. They continued to bring the house down with one last "Kablooey" from their split 7'' with Prizzy Prizzy Please. There's no way that there wasn't one person dancing by the end of the night; physically, it wasn't possible.

    Even though you won't see another show like this again, there are still chances to catch Lucky Pineapple's former members pursuing new projects. Hear what they have to say about future endeavors in this interview from Huevos.

    Photos/Video: Lara Kinne

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    I am an Illinois native and have enjoyed life in Louisville for four years. Currently, I'm holding a position as web editor for The Louisville Cardinal, UofL's student newspaper, in addition to contributing regularly to LEO, and my own website, Huevos ( I was an assistant editor for my high school paper back in the day and have continued writing from a young age. My goal is to provide the masses with no-bull sentiments of independent music and arts. Email me:

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