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     " 40 years ago, when rock still had its roll..."

    From clubs and colleges, to amphitheaters and music festivals, LUZER has performed for hundreds of thousands of people across the country since it formed in the final days of the last millenium. Whether it be upstaging the headliners or headlining themselves, LUZER is on a journey to bring their unique brand of power-pop rock n' roll to the masses. In the words of LUZER's singer/songwriter Tim Mahoney, "We are just four guys who love rock n' roll." But LUZER's not just that. They are four extremely talented young musicians who are standing tall on the horizon of the new millennium's "Rock N' Roll Renaissance".

    Formed in late 1999, LUZER is one of New Jersey's most promising up and coming modern rock bands. LUZER's influences range from The Beatles to KISS to The Beach Boys, The Cars, and Queen, but their sound is a power-pop amalgamation of all of these. Singer/guitarist/songwriter Tim Mahoney and drummer Dan Seeth (both formally of Life In General) brought in lead guitarist R. Dan Salyerds (better known as Sally) to record their first independent LP, jokingly entitled Greatest Hits, in the summer of 2000. Bassist Chris Volk joined soon after, and the band began performing locally. LUZER spent the next year performing throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania at music festivals, colleges, and clubs, building up a local following and selling hundreds of copies of their debut album. In April 2001, LUZER released a new track, "Suburban Anthem", on the internet's number one music website Word of mouth spread quick, and within two weeks LUZER topped their national power-pop charts. In the midst of touring, LUZER had matured into a top notch professional stage act, and also into gifted songwriters with a knack for melody well beyond their years.

    In the summer of 2001 LUZER returned to the studio to cut an EP worth of new material, which became known as the Fake Ass Rock Star EP. Their follow up received rave reviews in local rock papers and internet magazines, and had the attention of the Japanese record label Vinyl Junkie Records (Ozma, Intentions of an Asteroid, Blackstrap). After recording bonus tracks for the Japanese release of Fake Ass Rock Star, Vinyl Junkie Records went under, but with the first pressing of The Fake Ass Rock Star EP's sold out, LUZER decided to release an updated version of Fake Ass Rock Star. "Fake Ass Rock Star EPisode II" was released in the summer 2002, featuring what would've been the Japanese bonus tracks.

    In July 2002, LUZER hit the road with New Jersey veterans The Mahoney Brothers. This marked LUZER's first national tour, performing at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, colleges, theaters, and everywhere in between. LUZER's extensive touring with The Mahoney Brothers tightened the band musically and professionally. In late 2002, LUZER returned back to the tristate area club circuit. From New York City to Philly, from Baltimore to the legendary Stone Pony in Abury Park, NJ, LUZER began building a reputation for showing up headliners. Long gone were the four high school bandmates from Hamilton, NJ. Tim Mahoney, Dan Seeth, Sally, and Chris Volk were now seasoned musicians with more than two years of touring under their belts.

    Early 2003 featured performances with Vendetta Red, Silvertide, and also a headlinging slot at the "LIVESTOCK II" New Jersey music festival. In May the band released their first live cd, "LIVE! DOWN ON THE FARM", which was taped in October, 2002, at the Down On The Farm Music Fest. Featuring more than a dozen tunes off the first two albums, as well as LUZER versions of The Beatles' "Birthday" and America's "Horse With No Name", the live album was the closest recording so far to capture the essence of LUZER's high-energy live shows. That performance was also video taped for an upcoming DVD to be released sometime in the near future.

    Building on 2002's momentum, LUZER continued to perform live all over New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, including a regular engagement at Abilene on South Street in Philly and several appearances at Baltimore's top concert hall The Recher Theater. With a backload of new material overflowing, LUZER returned to the studio in the summer of 2003 to begin work on nearly thirty new songs.

    Finally in the spring of 2004, LUZER narrowed down their recordings down to fifteen tracks to be released as their their follow up full-length album to 2000's Greatest Hits. Available on their own label, Dubly Records, Reset was released on June 12, 2004.

    LUZER looks to the future with anticipation and confidence. When asked by the NJ/NYC rock paper "The Aquarian" what the band wants out of the music industry, bassist Chris Volk stated their philosophy best...

    "...a lot of bands want cred and respect. F*ck that,
    we want to be rich famous rock stars."

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