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    I've dallied in yoga for years, but before last week I had never attended a mommy and baby yoga class. My hesitance stemmed from skepticism that I could include Jack in anything that was meant to reduce stress and not exacerbate it. I love that kid, but chasing after him is a work-out in itself. And I just couldn't picture myself chanting "om" with Jack next to me screaming and trying to tip over a lamp. 


    I was pleasantly surprised that the worlds of yoga and babies can coalesce at Infinite Bliss Yoga.  On Thursday mornings at 10:30, instructor Allison Terracio (with her adorable one-year-old son, Van) leads a "baby bliss" mommy and baby yoga class.     


    The class was friendly and low-key. We started with introductions and were told to feel free to get out of a pose if we had to baby wrangle, nurse,or give our kids a snack. Allison, the instructor patiently walked me through how to adjust my yoga poses in order to keep one eye on Jack.  I was actually surprised by how much yoga I was able to accomplish with Jack there.  He was so occupied by toys and other babies that for the most part, he left me alone!


    At the end of the class, we did some "baby yoga" with the little ones. I was expecting having to contort Jack's tushie into a downward dog, but it was really more like some fun stretches. Jack loved the stretches and it seemed to give him more "spring" in his crawl. 


    Infinite Bliss also offers prenatal yoga classes for expecting moms. Those classes run on Saturday mornings from 9-10:15.  I took prenatal yoga classes when I was pregnant back in Milwaukee, and I can definitely say that they help relieve the aches, pains and crabbiness of pregnancy!


    Classes at Infinite Bliss Yoga are different prices depending on whether you have a package, or just pay as you go.  Check their website more more details on pricing, or the many other yoga classes that Infinite Bliss offers the yogis (both big and small) of Louisville.


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    Photo: flickr: my yoga online 

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