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    Marvel at the moon this weekend at Blackacre Nature Preserve
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    My boyfriend often teases me about how I still like to marvel at the night sky and will stop to stare at the stars and the moon when we are out at night.

    Yes, I said marvel.

    To my mind, I don’t think enough people stop to marvel at the sky and quite honestly? It makes me a little sad.

    If you also are someone who enjoys marveling at the heavens, then drive out to Blackacre Nature Center on Saturday, June 15, and join those who are like-minded star-gazers.

    The Louisville Astronomical Society will have their telescopes set up at 9:00 p.m. this Saturday and will be pointing out constellations and planets and helping people identify them.

    Without the effects of lights from the city, the view should be crisp and clear at Blackacre.

    For members, the cost is $5 a person or $10 a family. Not a member? The cost is $8 a person or $15 a family.

    Wishes made on falling stars? Those are your responsibility.

    Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/Balazs Kovacs

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