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    There are many fantastic films that will be showing at this year's Flyover Film Festival June 10 through June 12. One of the highly anticipated films is Ready, Set, Go! which centers upon a bagger competition. Not only is this a very well received film, but the creators are using the film as a chance to help the hungry right here at home.

    Mary Dossett of YUM! had a chance to answer a few questions concerning Ready, Set, Bag!, YUM! Brand's involvement as a sponsor in this year's Flyover Film Festival, and the Dare to Care program dedicated to feeding America's hungry.

    CC: Mary, thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to speak with us and answer a few questions!

    MD: Thank you for allowing me to speak on behalf of Yum!, the Flyover Film Festival and the Dare to Care Food Bank.

    CC: Yum! is a major sponsor of this years Flyover Film Festival. What is it about Flyover that drew the attention of Yum?

    MD: As you know, Louisville is known for its world class arts organizations and these organizations are an integral part of what makes Louisville a great place to live and work. Yum!  has been a proud supporter of the visual and theatrical arts in Louisville for many years. Sponsoring the festival has been a great opportunity to expand our support to include film.

    CC: One of the most anticipated and well received films this year is Ready, Set, Bag! Tell us a bit about what this film is about and what makes it so special.

    MD: The film is special in how well it portrays the great pride that working class Americans take in doing their jobs. It also showcases our competitive spirit and how determined we as Americans can be when we have a goal and set out to reach that goal.  

    CC: Can you tell us about how this documentary is helping in the fight against hunger in America?

    MD: Ready, Set, Bag! is centered around the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger competition held each year in Las Vegas. We all do our weekly grocery shopping and never think about how quickly and efficiently our bagger is in getting us through the checkout line and on to the next customer – this takes talent! Most importantly, we don’t think about how lucky we are as Americans to have access to such an abundance of food or to take a moment to consider that there are millions of people in this world who have no access to food at all.      

    CC: Tell me  about the Dare to Care program and it’s involvement with Ready, Set, Bag!

    MD: Dare to Care Food Bank is Louisville’s largest hunger relief agency, serving 13 counties in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Each year, Dare to Care distributes over 12 million pounds of food to those in need throughout our community. As the largest corporate sponsor of the Dare to Care Food Bank, we collaborated with the Flyover Film Festival and Dare to Care to use the film as an opportunity to raise awareness around the issue of hunger here in the U.S. and around the globe.  

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    CC: Most people are familiar with hunger and starvation in third world countries. How big of a problem is it right here in the US?

    MD: Hunger in America is much more prevalent than one might realize. In fact, right here in Louisville 1 in 5 children risk going to bed hungry. Sadly, over 50 million Americans face hunger every day. I am sure you agree that that is simply unacceptable.  

    CC: This year has been one of the deadliest and most devastating storm seasons ever in the US. Are YUM! and Dare to Care involved in the disaster relief?

    MD: Yes, we are very involved in the disaster relief efforts, working with the American Red Cross and our brands, providing meals to the victims of the devastating tornados. The Yum! Brands Foundation is matching associate contributions to relief agencies and has established a disaster relief fund for associates impacted by the tornados. Additionally, our associates continue to donate personal hygiene items that we are sending to the United Way for distribution to the victims. Dare to Care has sister agencies located within the impacted regions providing food assistance to those impacted by the tornados and these agencies will continue to provide assistance as long there is a need.  

    CC: What can we all do to contribute to the relief efforts and the hunger problems in America today?

    MD: Make a contribution to a relief agency today. The American Red Cross and many other disaster relief agencies rely on contributions in order to provide disaster relief assistance. Dare to Care can provide 4 meals to those in need for every dollar donated and for the same amount, the World Food Program can feed 4 children a wholesome meal. I also encourage folks to use the power of social media to generate awareness and to give the gift of time by helping to box food items at the warehouse or serving children at a Kids Café. For information on how to help here in our community, visit

    CC: Any thoughts you’d like to leave our readers with today?

    MD: Just to encourage folks to attend the Flyover Film Festival and support these independent filmmakers. The festival is extremely entertaining and supportive of our community. Lastly, know that as a reader, you can make a difference in the lives of others by giving the gift of time or money.

    CC: Thank you again for taking the time to speak with us!

    MD: Thank you, it’s always a pleasure.

    As Mary said, if you'd like to help feed the hungry right here at home, please visit www.daretocare.orge

    And I'll see you at the Flyover Film Festival June 10 through June 12!

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