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    Louisville finally makes the cover of Sports Illustrated?
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    Calling it yet another example of the community’s “incredible spirit,” Mayor Greg Fischer today declared that University of Louisville Cardinal fans led the city to setting a world’s record for people wearing red in a single day.  “We have no idea what the existing record was -- or even if there was a previous record -- but we know we smashed it,” Fischer said. “You can’t go anywhere today without running into a sea of red.”

    fischer bball star.jpgFischer noted that fans were flying the UofL colors on their vehicles and outside their homes. Many workers throughout the community wore red Friday, including most staff of the Mayor’s office. (Yes, a few misguided souls wore blue).

    Hanging just outside the Mayor’s office in Louisville Metro Hall is a large red banner made by 82-year-old Shirley Sullivan. She made the banner when U of L won the national championship in 1980. It originally hung at the county clerk’s office, where she worked. In 1986, it was hung at City Hall when Louisville won its second national title. She’s loaned it to the city to hang once again, in hopes of another national title.

    CARD BIRD.jpg“I know there will be an impressive second wave of red when we welcome the Cards back from New Orleans with a third national championship,” Fischer said

    Tongue firmly in cheek, Fischer added. "Some have criticized me for being overly partisan toward the Cardinals. I remind them that I am the mayor of Louisville, not Lexington. There is a time for political correctness. This is not that time."

    Fischer predicted Louisville would beat Kentucky 62-58 in Saturday’s semi-final game, then win the national title game by about 12 points. Fischer concluded, "I realize we are underdogs, but I believe in Coach Pitino and UofL. Go Cards!"

    wearing red noses.jpgA check with the folks at Guinness World Records indicates that no other city has yet made the claim of world’s record for people wearing red in a single day, so Mayor Fischer may have a valid claim.

    A group down in Adelaide, South Australia, won the Guinness World Record last year, for the largest number of people “wearing red noses;” but there is no indication that a scientific comparison was made with the folks down at Fourth Street Live, last Derby eve.

    moscow-red-square-1-may-1977-01.jpgAnd it would be uncharacteristically snarky of us to mention that the commies in attendance at past May Day celebrations in Moscow’s Red Square were sometimes known to favor the color of red.  Now that the CCCP has pretty much filed for Chapter-11, it’s reasonable to conclude that they don’t count for much any more.  And their basketball prowess was not really all that impressive.

    WHAS-11 reports:

    --------------'s The Arena section features opinions from active participants in the city's politics. Their viewpoints are not those of (a website is an inanimate object and, as such, has no opinions).  The Arena is read by more people in Louisville than in any other city in America.  Photo credits:  Guinness World Records, Pravda.

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