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    Louisville’s Polar Plunge often brings out interesting and unique groups of people to help raise money for Special Olympics but this year there is one group that will stand out from the rest when it comes time to jump into the frigid water this Saturday.

    “As a group, we are pretty mean, tough, and ugly looking but in reality we are all pretty good guys,” Jason Downey, also known as Jason MF Downey, said. “I know the morning of the plunge when clothes start to peel off, we are going to get some weird looks being that we are covered in tattoos and all have additional holes poked in our bodies.”

    The Mfers have been a group of friends since their late teens but for the past three years have really begun to grow and recently decided to show the local community that tough guys can make a positive impact.

    “Honestly in our late teens we were a group of friends that pretty much caused a ruckus together and that’s about it but in the last few years we have all grown up and our focus has shifted,” Downey said. “Why not get involved in charities? People spend to much time taking and not giving back, ourselves included and by each one of us taking a little bit of time we are able to make a huge difference in someone's life.”

    Downey has always had an interest in getting the group involved in the polar plunge and this year has been a success for this group of 14 guys.  The Mfers have been able to raise more than $3,100 for this Saturday’s plunge into the Ohio River. 

    “I personally have always thought that the Polar Bear Plunge was a neat fundraising event and something I have wanted to personally do for years,” Downey said. “I told myself that this year I was finally going to go through with it, and that I was going to drag all of my friends with me.”

    Downey said this event is near and dear to his heart and it has to do with a friend who is in the Mfers.

    “Ryan Logsdon has a brother that is mentally challenged and with our group of friends being so close that translates into we all have a brother that is mentally challenged,” Downey said. “We stand by each other in everything we do, the Polar Bear Plunge is just something a little different.”

    This group of young men is hoping to show Louisvillians that despite their name and the way they look, they too have big hearts and want to give back to the community. This is only one example of the diversity that will be represented this Saturday while people of all backgrounds, heritage and walks of life gather together to take a plunge into the frigid Ohio River for a good cause.

    “Hopefully people don't react negatively to us and realize that regardless of looking like idiots, we can definitely make some smart decisions.” Downey said.

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    I love Louisville and I love writing. I guess it makes sense that I love writing about Louisville and the amazing culture and diversity that resides in the community. Louisville is America's best kept secret.

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