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    I have seen some pretty scary costumes in my day. Some that are downright nasty.  But, after going with my family to "The World's Largest Halloween Party" at the Louisville Zoo, I saw something that nearly shocked me beyond belief. 

    Now I am not one to generally pass judgment on how other people raise their children.  I have similar sentiments regarding one's chosen career path. Having your three-year-old daughter dressed as a Hooters girl, however, is a little disturbing. 

    Granted, she was not wearing extremely short shorts, nor was she boasting faux cleavage. The intent was certainly obvious though (she was wearing orange shorts and a Hooters t-shirt).  My brother has two young daughters. When his first was born a friend said to him "You know what your only job is now right? Keep her off the pole". 

    Well, maybe we can't put being a Hooters girl in the same category as a stripper. But if preventing your daughter from becoming a stripper, (I'm sorry, I mean exotic dancer) is top priority, keeping her from becoming a Hooters girl can't be far behind.

    Perhaps the parents of this innocent child thought this would be a funny and harmless joke. They could have at least gone for something a little more topical, like maybe a crazy Lady Gaga ensemble. Poor kid, she might as well give up now.

    Photo: Courtesy Hooters

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