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    courtesy of Ryan Armbust
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    Saturday at Forecastle, Mona’s show was pushed back due to dangerous weather. Fortunately, it didn’t storm and Mona was able to perform. I was able to catch the last half of their show. Forecastlers had to be evacuated, and when the storm passed we were allowed back into the festival. Mona tweeted, “Wow, Louisville... Thanks for sticking though the weather delay. We were a bit nervous for a sec, but you totally made our day!” Luckily, I didn’t miss much of their performance. Mona is a band who has great stage presence and knows how to get a crowd excited.  Lead singer, Nick Brown, jumped off stage to get up and close with fans. Singing to them as people tried to touch him or get closer. They’re playlist included, “Shooting the Moon,” “Goons (Baby, I Need It All),” and “Lean Into The Fall.”

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