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    If you're looking for family fun this weekend, the Monster Jam is an awesome way to excite the youngsters! Monster Jam is at freedom hall tonight, starting at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 and available at the door or online.  Pit passes are available for free at Advance Auto Parts stores or for $5 at the event. 

    Having a ticket and a pit pass will allow you access to a special pit party at 5 p.m. Pit partiers will be able to meet the truck drivers and take photos with the trucks.

    The show was a lot of fun, and I found myself unable to refrain from yelling for my truck while it was mid-air.  My main suggestion is to take headphones or ear plugs to protect your ears. It is deafening. 

    Superman truck


    The show started with a beautiful tribute to military, veterans, police, EMT, and firefighters.  The chaos then ensued with a girl blowing herself out of a cannon. The trucks and destruction began almost immediately afterwards as the Superman truck did his first wheelie, breaking off part of the cape from the molded body of the truck.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was my favorite molded truck frame. Unfortunately, the truck's transmission went out in the first race.  Surprisingly enough, the crews all had it fixed and ready to go by the end of intermission, just in time for doing donuts. The return from intermission started off with a bang, too. A guy got into a box which then blew up, leaving they guy laying on the floor.

    The announcer did a great job keeping the audience excited. The drivers went into the audience to give away a video game a couple times to further the excitement, and t-shirts were thrown fromt the floor into the stands.  The announcer seemed to lose his smooth demeanor for a moment when  one of the four wheeler riders from Florida answered a question about his enjoyment of Kentucky and the nice weather with something about "Kentucky Hillbillies".  The announcer replied, "Whatever" and walked away, obviously annoyed as the four wheeler exited to boos from the audience. 


    Superman driver enters crowd to give away video game


    The show is definitely worth the price of the tickets.  The merchandise is all pretty high priced, though. The snowcones cost $10 because they come in special mugs; the cotton candy costs $15 and comes with molded hats that look like the Gravedigger monster truck.  T-shirts ranged from $15 - $25. 


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