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    Monthly Drone and quadcopter meeting at LVL1 begins this month after quadcopter
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    Drone and Quadcopter enthusiasts now have a place to meet and discuss their interests. LVL1, inc, a local maker space is hosting monthly meetups for anyone interested in quadcopters, drones, helicopters, boats and other items that are remote controlled. The meetings will be at 8 p.m on the fourth Thursday of each month with the first meeting on Thursday, January 23.

    According to, the word drone is used to describe two different types of vehicles: (a) an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate autonomously, without human control or beyond line of sight: the GPS of a U.S. spy drone. or (b)

    (loosely) any unmanned aircraft or ship that is guided remotely: a radio-controlled drone.

    Quadcopters are small remote controlled helicopter type aircraft that have four propellers. The maker space recently hosted their first annual Quadcopter battle and crowned Aaron Dervow as reigning champion.  Participants all started with the same cheap quadcopter but were allowed to modify them. Some made simple modifications such as attaching spools of thread while others built elaborate cages around theirs to protect them.

    There was not much carnage in the bracketed tournament, and most of the battles ended in the death of an aircraft's battery. This didn't make it any less entertaining to watch as the aircraft bounced around the warehouse, hitting walls and occasionally people. They had strands of toilet paper hung from the bottom of them, because the winner would be chosen by the longest strand remaining in case of battery death. One of the trickiest copters to defeat was the one with spools of thread, modified and flown by Joe Pugh, because the thread would get caught in another copter's propellors and then unravel, feeding more thread into the entanglement. There were also some fantastic piloting moments like one copter diving in for a quick cut of another's toilet paper chain, removing it completely.

    Lvl1, Inc is located at 814 E. Broadway. You must enter from the alley around back. If you turn onto Shelby from Broadway (it goes one way -away from town), you can park in the lot marked "ORI" that is immediately on your left after the alley. Step into the Alley from the parking lot; turn to your right; take about forty steps and you will see a glass door to your left marked "LVL 1".  You will have to sign a waiver of liability upon entry.

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