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    Bourbon might be Louisville’s liquor of note, but that didn’t stop Oxmoor Farm from coming alive with the Filson Historical Society’s Moonpies and Moonshine event last night. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for an evening picnic on the beautiful grounds of the farm, the food couldn’t have been more wonderful, and the moonshine? That was simply the cherry on top of an amazing event.

    The event included an delicious chicken dinner, an equally impressive vegetarian option (catered by

    Ladyfinger Fine Catering

    ), and some of the sweetest and juiciest corn-on-the-cob that I’ve ever had. If that wasn’t enough there was a great beer selection, and the sweet tea was flowing like water. Along with pitching a blanket, relaxing and listening to the great music provided by The Whistlin’ Rufus Old Time String Band there was, of course, the best part of the evening - some amazing moonshine from

    Limestone Branch Distillery


    Being from the north and having never had moonshine, I had some presumptions. This stuff is either going to blind me, or it’s going to taste worse than the cheapest vodka at the cheapest liquor store in the cheapest roadside town imaginable. How wrong I was - this was one of the most pleasant hard liquor experiences I’ve ever had, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t much like hard liquor. Based out of Lebanon, Kentucky, Limestone Branch makes some of the most interesting infused moonshines (and straight up ‘shine for those into the basics) I’ve ever heard of. There are a number of fruit infusions that are done with the real deal - no syrups or cheap tricks. They also had an amazing chocolate moonshine - think the same flavor as Old 502 Winery’s chocolate wine, then kick it up a few hundred notches into 100 proof territory.

    These were all well and good, but there was (in my mind) a clear winner in the flavor front - their Jalape

    ño. It was just spicy enough to slightly distract from the strength of the moonshine, but the flavor didn’t remove the burn as it went down your throat. It was incredible. If I could have had more than the four small samples I was allotted, I would have been back for more of it in a heartbeat.

    I couldn’t help but notice the incredible beauty of the landscaping at Oxmoor Farm. As I sat in the growing shade and the evening grew cooler I couldn’t think of a better place to spend a Friday night. On the grass, listening to great music and enjoying the glow of some excellent moonshine. FIlson Historical Society sure can put on a show.

    Cover Photo: Shutterstock/Dmitry Natashin

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