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    There are certain experiences in our lives which register as more than an inconvenience, yet fall short of a full-blown personal disaster. Like that time you somehow managed to completely fall into the fountain at The Belvedere during WorldFest, leaving you with nothing to show for the day but wet pants and a soggy churro.

    These are classified as “mini-tragedies” (as of today, by me).

    Here are some examples to which only Louisvillians will be able to relate.

    The Morning Lynn’s Paradise Cafe Closed

    The morning Lynn’s Paradise Cafe announced that their colorful doors were closing and that they’re Triple B French Toast (buttermilk, black walnut bread with a homemade blackberry sauce and bourbon meringue) and mimosa bar was to be no more. Louisvillians collectively cried, with the utmost concern, “And where shall we brunch now?”

    ...luckily you have to keep you updated on the brunch scene in Louisville. El Camino. Wild Eggs. Highland Morning. Proof. Toast. Hillbilly Tea. The Silver Dollar.... We’ve got you covered.

    The Two-Day Period When We Thought California Chrome Might Not Be Allowed to Wear His Nasal-Strip

    Whether we betted on them or not, here in Louisville we love our Derby winners. (Just as a side-note, I bet on California Chrome in absentia and won $9.50—in two dollar bills and 30 quarters. Long story.) And when it was announced that California Chrome may not be able to wear his nasal strip—the equine equivalent of Breath Right—for the Belmont Stakes, many race lovers’ feathers were ruffled, not to mention their chances of winning  those Triple Crown bets were in peril.

    However, it was announced earlier today that he will, in fact, be allowed to wear his nasal strip.

    Everyone, including California Chrome, was then able to breathe a satisfied sigh of relief.

    The Winter That Caused a Mint Shortage

    This bitter winter nipped at more than Louisvillian’s noses; it also affected the amount of local mint that could be harvested before the first Saturday in May. After all, a julep is requisite for a successful Derby Day.

    Luckily, the necessary two tons of mint eventually made its way to Churchill Downs.

    The Afternoon a Water Main Burst in Tyler Park

    Once, for a splendid two-hour timespan, Tyler Park had a water feature. A waterfall of sorts, violently springing forth from the overpass arched over the park. Yet, it ceased to be beautiful when the stretch of Newburg just past Eastern was shut off for bridge repair.

    Leaving commuters to traverse around Tyler Park, on side roads which really aren’t meant to hold two-way traffic and a lane of parked cars.

    It was a terrible few days for Bellarmine students and Baxter Avenue visitors.

    That Time in October of 2013 That 74 Cases of Pappy Van Winkle Was Stolen

    This is actually still a mini-tragedy as the cases still haven’t been returned or found.  My faith in the bourbon-consuming community has thus been marginally compromised.

    Cover Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. Copyright-- Bartek Zyczyinski

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