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    Multiple Award Winning Local Actress Will Lead Post Apocalyptic Biker Gang
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    “I’m good with a speech, character or a script,” said award winning actress Sebrina Scott as I focused the camera on her. “This is what I’m not good at - interviews and modeling for a still camera. I get so nervous.”

    No one would know that the busy starlet is actually quite the introvert. Scott's impressive list of credits and awards would indicate that she is quite adept at handling any situation, but she says she feels somewhat socially awkward (like many stage and film performers) under scrutiny in off-screen social settings.

    “Sometimes I think people think I come off as cold or intimidating, because I am quiet at first, “ she said. “I just don’t know what to say sometimes. It’s much scarier being yourself than a character.” 

    Scott opened up as we walked through Cherokee Park talking about common experiences, her accomplishments and forthcoming projects.  The Louisville native started acting in kindergarten as the narrator in a Christmas play. She continued performing throughout school and attended speech contests before attending U of L for theater. She was cast in quite a bit of Shakespeare and says that experience provided valuable training. She also performed in a lot of community theater, including as Corey in Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park.” 

    “Keith Kaiser from Fox News was my husband in that one,” she said. “I don’t remember if he was already doing newscasts at that time. He was great.”

    Her theater professor pulled her aside before she graduated and told her that he thought she needed to go into film acting. Scott took his advice when she found a film audition for “The Audit” by DeHaan Sisters Productions; she landed a leading role, which led to her first Best Actress award from the World Independent Film Expo. “That’s when I became hooked on film acting.”

    It was only a year before she landed her first major role in the feature length film “Overtime.” The film has seen great success at festivals and is internationally distributed on DVD.  

    “I think that really helped with networking and getting my face out there,” she said. “It led to other work with some of the same cast and really was a catalyst for some of us.”

    The film landed Scott her second Best Actress award at Fright Night Film Festival, and she later won Best Actress at the International Mystery Writers Convention for her role in NYTimes Best Seller Lee Goldburg’s short film “Remaindered.”  Scott feels that a lot of her roles have been similar and looks forward to expanding into more character roles in the future. She is very anxious to play Akira in “Rhonda Rides to Hell” this fall in California. The fierce woman leads a biker gang in a post apocalyptic setting, and Scott will be in dreadlocks.

    “Girls get typecast a lot. They get to support strong male leads a lot. We don’t get the big bad villain roles very often; you can name the women who do, because there aren’t many. I really look forward to playing something out there and big, so I am really really psyched about this role. Plus, I get to ride a motorcycle around the desert.”

    She often acts alongside actor John Wells. They have appeared together in projects like “The Old Winter”, "Piranha Sharks" and "Loss Prevention." They recently worked together on the fantasy film “The Rangers: a Shadow Rising,” which was produced by The Forge Studios  in Shenandoah Valley State Park, Virginia. 

    “The Rangers: A Shadow Rising” is an epic fantasy film produced by The Forge Studios and is told in the same style as The Lord of the Rings. Director Ron Newcomb explained that it is an episodic 60-minute pilot that they plan to shop around to explore all avenues, although they already have some distribution options in place. They would like to expand it into a series with the right support from fans.

    “Sebrina plays the part of Sabine – a poor girl on the run that holds a dark secret. She’s a half-breed: half human and half shadow-elf, which people fear,” said Newcomb before pointing out why it is such a vital role. “In a fantasy world, we can explore many different topics of the day including ones of race or prejudice. What our stories deal with, many can relate to in our own time and place. We have big plans for this role and cannot wait for Sebrina to take us on this journey. The part of Sabine becomes much more vital as the series continues.”

    Scott will join Newcomb, Wells, fellow local cast member Dale Miller, and the producers at the film’s screening in Louisville at Fandom Fest’s new Fantasmagorical Film Festival at 5 p.m. on August 8th. The team looks forward to meeting fans and building a tribe with them. He wants them to join the team, including on set at the filming of future installments. 

    As the testimonials on Scott’s website indicate, Newcomb is in a long line of professionals who have been impressed with and grateful for her skills, professionalism and down-to-earth nature.

    “Sebrina Scott is a true professional,” he said. “She can make you laugh one minute and be ready to go with a fight scene the next. She was always up for another take to ensure we captured the scene’s magic... even on her days off she showed up to cheer on her fellow cast mates or to give a hand with the crew. She was dedicated to getting it right. Her acting is some of the best – she raised people to her level and so affected the professionalism of our project because she was a part of it.”


    The Rangers Trailer from The Forge Studios on Vimeo.


    Photography: Header: Scott takes a break from walk in park by Jessica Lynn;  Left:Scott enjoying the sun at Cherokee Park by Jessica Lynn; Right: provided by Scott: Scott as Sabine on the set of "The Rangers";

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