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    Anyone who reads my reviews knows: I'm a meat kind of girl. Vegetarians and vegans are not my cup of tea, and their taste buds have my condolences. When I am invited to go to a restaurant my first thought is invariably: I hope they have good meat at this place. Rye on Market  kindly offered an invitation to a preview night before their opening on January 4th, and I snapped it up, hoping to sink my teeth into something yummy. Rye did not disappoint, and like a good first date, I left wanting more.

    My dearest friend and I visited Rye, just on the corner of East Market and Campbell Street, for a preview. The decor was rather minimal, but the table of entrees beckoned like a paramour over candlelight. There were many offerings, but my favorites were naturally the hamburger, the rib, and the fries. The hamburger, I was told, was brisket and chuck mixed together, with sweet pickles. The inside was just raw enough for my bloodthirsty ways, and just cooked enough for my best friend to sink her teeth into. I admire a thick slab of hamburger more than is probably proper for a young lady with a waistline to watch, and texture is an oft overlooked aspect of a hamburger that really shines in Rye's offering. 

    The rib (pictured above) was heaven, absolute heaven. The waiter (quite a helpful chap) told us the meat was aged before a simple rub was applied, which perhaps accounts for the depth of the flavor. I had to resist the urge to gnaw that 

    rib like a great dane devouring a bone. 

    There are, in my opinion, two kinds of people who eat fries--those who are satisfied with those awful little overdone stringy things, and those who like big mealy toasted potato spears with well salted crisps outsides and steaming interiors. The fries at Rye were served with aioli redolent with bacon flavors, adding another meaty aspect to my already dizzyingly fleshy night. 

    Like any first date, at some point things with Rye got a little, well, awry. The bar's selection was limited, but that was probably due to the occasion--I hope Rye offers some libation worth pairing with the food. We opted for some white table wine, and it was reasonably nice. Despite this, I really can't wait for my second date with Rye. The restaurant is slated to open January 4th, and I suggest you give it a whirl.

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