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    This is my first article for, so I agonized a bit when trying to decide on a topic. Louisvillians are smart - we know where to go for the good things in life, and we’re not exactly experiencing a shortage of beautiful art, groovy music, or delicious food. With the vast culinary selection in our city, I’m sure you understand how I could have such a difficult time choosing what to write about first. So, instead of drawing my topic out of a hat or curling into the fetal position and crying from utter frustration, I decided to simply share a little of myself with you by listing my secret guilty pleasures from one of the city’s favorite small businesses, Lotsa Pasta.

    Lotsa Pasta’s been around for quite a while, but every time I shop there, I discover a new item that delights my food-loving soul. Pictured below, here are the products I just can’t resist:

    1.       Mocha Chocolate Lentils – Nestled in by the cheese, these crunchy little coffee candies make me swoon.

    2.       Small Portions of Cheese – Perfect for house guests to try a variety of new cheeses without waste.

    3.       Buche French Goat Cheese – Drool.

    4.       Callebaut Chocolate – Sold as pistoles or in bricks of milk, semi-sweet, bittersweet, and white.

    5.       Perugina Chocolate – Try the Dark Chocolate with Almonds and the Cappuccino bars.

    6.       Spices – There’s a beautiful wall of perfectly-portioned spices.  The whole nutmeg is an incredible deal!

    I hope you’ll be inspired to pay them a visit. They are currently celebrating 30 years of business!

    3717 Lexington Road


    M-F from 9 to 7

    Saturday from 9 to 5:30

    Sunday from 12 to 5

    What’s your favorite thing to buy at Lotsa Pasta? Comment below!

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    I am a writer/reviewer who has the unique perspective of also being a working professional chef. I don't look up big words in my thesaurus to sound impressive because I'd rather concentrate on having a writing style that makes you feel like a friend. I'll be bringing you news about Food & Dining in our lovely city. :)

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