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    Nellie Pearl Releases Their Debut Album This Saturday
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    Saturday October 11th, Louisville-based band Nellie Pearl will be releasing their debut album So It Goes at The Tim Faulkner Gallery (1512 Portland Ave). $10 gets you in the doors which open at 8 pm. At 9 the show kicks off with two opening acts – Brent Mathis and The Moonlight Peddlers. Entertainment will also include live art by Vinnie Kocher, who will be painting the album art on a large scale during the show.

    Lead singer Jonathon Mitchell named the band after his great grandmother, whose childhood painting, dated 1905, was used for the album cover. She later became a mother, farm wife, quilter, and painter. Jonathon compares his songwriting process to that of painting as well. “When I started writing songs for NP, I decided I wanted to treat my words and melodies like that of a brush and paint. In turn, I wrote more colorfully, sometimes actually describing colors and other visuals. It sent my songwriting in a new direction. I'll never go back.” It isn’t hard for listeners to hear a thread of artistic imagery in Nellie’s Pearl’s lyrical presentations and instrumental tones. Jonathon describes his songwriting as “random and sporadic,” which must be why there appears to be such a natural and relatable quality to their songs. So it Goes was much inspired by the writings and music of Kurt Vonnegut Jr, says Jonathon, including the album title So It Goes, quoted from Vonnegut’s popular novel Slaughter House Five.

    So It Goes is a mix of Americana, folk, surf rock, alternative country, and soul, featuring bass (Gregg Manfredi), percussion (Christo Foros), acoustic/electric guitar, banjo, organ, male vocals (Jonathon Mitchell), and female vocals (Rachel Monroe). Saturday’s live performance will also include fiddle by Emily Caudill. Their album was recorded and produced in the Gregg Manfredi’s (bass) basement studio, aka the Cosmic Cave. Having never released any kind of demo or EP since its conception, Nellie Pearl fans are excited to hear their newly recorded works. Fans can purchase the album at $7, or pay $30 for door entry, an album, and a Tee-shirt. New fans can follow NP at or in addition to Twitter and Instagram. 

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