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    New Albany Public Library launches Teen Summer Reading Club today
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    Kids these days…the young whippersnappers of this new millennium bring my tired, old blood to boiling faster than a 4g network (which, according to commercials, is fleeter than many other typically swift things).  In my day we respected semi-colons; in my day we avoided ending sentences with prepositions; hell, in my day phones were actually used to call other people.  Whoa, Nelly!  But (intentional breakage of typical conjunction rules) even I admit that my pretentious lamentations over the state of 21st century literacy accomplish nothing while the glow of the smartphone still reigns supreme.  So how do you tempt the attentions of today’s tech-savvy teen?  The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library has some ideas.

    Today, Monday, May 21st, marks the first day of registration for the New Albany Library’s Teen Summer Reading Club.  This year’s theme, OWN the NIGHT, will give Southern Indiana youngins’ the opportunity to not only devour some delicious books on these balmy, valley days, but reap some sweet material rewards.  Thanks to the generosity of numerous local businesses and organizations, the most erudite readers of the Club will be entered into grand prize drawings that award treats such as $50 gift cards, a digital camera and Holiday World passes. 

    The Teen Summer Reading Club is open to all New Albany/Floyd County teens who will be enrolling in grades 6th through 12th in the Fall of 2012; registration for OWN the NIGHT will end on July 31st, and prizes will be awarded the first week of August.  Summer days and NIGHTs are prime time for a rousing read. Forget facebook and give that old-fashioned papery volume a turn; in my day they were all the rage.

    The New Albany-Floyd County Public Library is located at 180 West Spring Street

    For more information on the Teen Summer Reading Club, visit New Albany Library website, drop by the Reference Services Desk or call (812) 949-3523.

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