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    I didn't even try to make it to H&M in Oxmoor Mall on their opening day Thursday, but this morning at 10:30, reasoning that surely everyone would be at work or in school, I ventured forth. A DJ was on duty, which lent a  festive air to the bustling new store. H&M is known for having very affordable clothes, so I was unsurprised to see lots of deals going on--a rack of $10 dresses, buy-one-get-one sweaters, tons of inexpensive wardrobe staples. 

    H&M has lots of trendy pieces, like these solar system leggings: 

    But they also have classics, like these versatile black heels.

    Men's clothing is upstairs. Children's clothing is upstairs as well, including this adorable pint sized furry vest. If you want to make your four-year-old look like Kanye, H&M has you covered.

    There are plenty of accessories:

    And jeans:

    Oh, and the line at 11:00am to check out looked like this:

    H&M was so crowded by the time I left at 11:30 it was hard to walk around. I can't imagine how bonkers they'll be over the weekend.

    My advice to survive H&M? Go early in the morning, the minute the mall opens, and do not linger. Grab everything you can (dressing rooms have a limit of 7), get in, and get out. At this point in the frenzy of the new store, it's probably best to leave the strollers at home, and walk at a normal pace. I'm a fast shopper and walker, and I was jostled many a time. 

    How did I make out? I got a party dress, a work dress, a giant sweater, a sweater dress, and a pair of tights for $70.00. The clothes are beautiful and affordable, and as busy as this place is, expect it to get busier with holiday shoppers.

    Photos: Elizabeth Myers

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