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    To err is human, etc.
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    Is your wife still mad at you for some stupid thing you said, in a distracted moment of weakness?  Is your boss still on your case for screwing up that last work assignment?  Does your landlord want to talk with you about your last two rent checks that bounced?

    steve beshear forgiveness.jpgWell, not to worry.  Kentucky’s wonderful governor, Steven L. Beshear, has issued an official proclamation, declaring next Monday to be Forgiveness Day in Kentucky.  While not exactly the same as an executive pardon, this document might come in handy for those readers who are presently over-burdened with guilt over some real or imagined transgressions.  Proclaimed Gov. Steve:

    To All To Whom These Presents Shall Come:

    WHEREAS, Forgiveness Day was established by the Center of Unconditional Love to create awareness and understanding of the power of unconditional love and forgiveness; and

    WHEREAS, Forgiveness can help to maintain healthy and happy relationships with those we work beside, live with and love; and

    WHEREAS, The need to remove bitterness from our hearts and to ask for forgiveness and to forgive one another is an essential part of healthy communication; and

    WHEREAS, Repairing, restoring, rebuilding and reviving damaged relationships is very important for true love and joy to exist in the hearts of all people;

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, STEVEN L. BESHEAR, Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby proclaim October 31, 2011, as


    Forgive_Stone.jpgIf the governor of our great Commonwealth can take time from his busy schedule to extol the virtues of “true love and joy,” who among us could gainsay such noble sentiments?  We are compelled by our leader to exercise “unconditional love and forgiveness;” even unto the lowly state government employee who’s job it is to draft these pious platitudes for the governor’s signature.

    Is it too much to expect that Gov. Steve will send a copy of his proclamation to David Williams, along with a personal note that he has forgiven him for running against him?”  Probably.

    Get your FREE COPY of the Governor’s Forgiveness Proclamation (.pdf)

    Forgiveness Day 2011.jpg

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