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    I am generally not a "pet activist", but something special happened to our family last weekend.

    On Friday, I clicked "Like" on a Facebook group called No Kill Louisville. It had something to do with dogs, and I like dogs, so it was a no brainer. But then, I saw a photo of a puppy, and the short story below described the abuse that this furry guy had just been rescued from: starvation, and being hit by hammers. It went on to talk about how sweet he was, and that he just needed someone to love him. I was stunned by this story, and I shared it with my wife.

    Without me knowing it, she had contacted the organization who gave our contact info to the person who was fostering the puppy. And on Sunday afternoon, we received the call to check him out.

    And it was love at first sight. Bo was just a playful puppy who had a rough life and needed a good home. As my wife said "We just couldn't let Bo think that all humans were like his first owner."

    No Kill Louisville History

    No Kill Louisville came into fruition last year after a flood caused the evacuation of all animals from Louisville Metro Animal Services. The group of volunteers that stepped up and helped in that scenario eventually melded with a core set of volunteers that had already been helping the shelter. They saw that a successful No-Kill program had been started in Shelby County, and had a vision that Louisville could not only be a city that welcomes companion animals, but also protects them.

    Thus, No Kill Louisville was formed. They are a 501 (3) (c) organization with a mission of raising awareness and funds in support of creating a no kill community.

    There are specific steps which must be followed in order to go no-kill. You can read them HERE.

    And, before you argue that certain animals need to be euthanized, please stop. The group believes the same thing. According to their website, animals that are dangerous to humans due to years of abuse, and those that are suffering from untreatable illness, need to be put down in a humane fashion.

    Currently, No Kill Louisville has been challenged by LMAS, The KY Humane Society, and Alley Cat Advocates to raise money to spay/neuter 200 unowned cats. They have almost reached their goal, but could still use a few more donations. You may learn more about donating to this project at their website.

    If you have an interest in animals, and feel the desire to research this pet advocate group further, check out their website or Facebook Page.

    No Kill Louisville


    I am sure of this...No Kill Louisville helped connect us with Bo, a friend that will get all the love he needs and deserves, and will return it ten-fold.

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