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    Nord’s Bakery where have you been all my life? You have the sweetest, fluffiest, best tasting doughnuts, apple fritters and long johns I’ve ever experienced. You are, without question, a Louisville treasure. Now, to the rest of you. Have you been to Nord’s? Have you brought in a mixed dozen from Nord’s for your office mates? If you do you’ll have their loyalty and favor forever.

    Yep, Nord’s baked goods are that outstanding. Seriously. Nord’s is a neighborhood bakery specializing in baked goodness of the sweet and tasty variety. Not a lot of breads and definitely no baguettes or bagels as far as the eye could see. Only sweet, sweet dough based goods of the sugar laden varieties. And that’s a good thing!

    They open their doors at 6AM so fresh coffee and doughnuts for breakfast are possible for even the earliest of risers. Have I convinced you to go to Nord’s yet? If not I’ve failed in my task for the day. If I’ve succeeded then let me advice you to order both an apple fritter and a buttercream long john.

    They are both little pieces of heaven, right here in Louisville. I’m so lucky Nord’s isn’t in walking distance to my house because there is no possible way I’d not gain 105 pounds from frequent visits if it was. Nord's Bakery (502) 634-0931 2118 S Preston St, Louisville, KY 40217

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