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    This is a test
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    Conspiracy theorists unite!  Wednesday (today) at 2pm will be the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System.  Yes, the government will take over your radio.  Actually, it will take over the broadcast signals of ALL broadcast radio and television stations, cable systems, satellite TV, satellite radio (yes even Howard) and wireline video services.

    It does provide the U.S. President with an outlet to address the nation during a crisis, all at once.  It isn't the end to free press that some would have you believe.  Right-wing talk show host, Sean Hannity has been saying the government will be taking over your radio and TV for three and a half minutes.  However,  officials say the test is expected to last for only 30 seconds.

    It will be surreal.  As every channel (radio or TV) that you tune in will be broadcasting the same content.  This has never happened before (it only seemed like that last summer when Katy Perry {California Girls} was on every channel in Louisville at the same time).  

    To prevent a War of the Worlds type reaction from listeners and viewers, most local TV and radio stations have been running announcements to remind folks of the test (and this is ONLY a test).  You have been warned!  

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