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    Drs. John, Barry, & Mitch
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    The differing views of Sen. McConnell and Rep. Yarmuth has resulted in the latter sending a nasty four-page letter to the former; accusing him (in not so many words) of being disingenuous in his criticism of Obamacare. McConnell 0405c.jpg

    Last month, Sen. McConnell wrote an op-ed for the Courier-Journal, calling for the law’s repeal.   McConnell predicted that the law will severely burden Kentucky’s Medicaid system by putting 29 percent of Kentucky’s population on Medicaid: forcing the state to pay for this through some combination of tax hikes and cuts to schools, roads, and funds used to pay the doctors, hospitals and nursing homes.

    Yarmuth WDRB 08-23-11.jpgIn response to McConnell’s article, Rep. Yarmuth wrote to him and accused him of being irresponsible by perpetuating myths about the law and preventing small businesses from taking advantage of the law’s incentives. “As a member of Congress, I believe we have an obligation to give our constituents the full facts about the law,” he says. “When distortions and misinformation are allowed to displace the facts, each individual and every business in our state is left at a disadvantage that could cost them time, money or much worse: their health.”

    In his letter, Yarmuth challenges McConnell to a public debate on the healthcare subject.  To date, McConnell has not formally replied.  To read a .pdf copy of Rep. Yarmuth’s letter to Sen. McConnell, CLICK HERE.

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