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    Occupy Louisville protesters at 4th and Jefferson Streets
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    Occupy Louisville is the local extension of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which kicked off yesterday afternoon at 4th and Jefferson streets. Members of this movement are positive that their representation of the 99% of Americans who work the hardest for the tiniest slice of the financial pie is bound to have a positive effect on our culture. This peaceful and respectful optimism is gaining support from everyone the Occupiers have interacted with so far.

    The Occupy Louisville group initially had plans of staging their 24 hour protest in the grassy park at 4th and Jefferson streets. Unfortunately, that park closes at 11:00pm every evening. Remaining in that park after 11:00pm would force police to take action against members of the Louisville Occupation. After over 700 people were arrested in New York City last week, the general consensus of Occupy Louisville seemed to be that they would like to comply with the hard working men and women who are employed by the Louisville Metro Police Department. The LMPD was willing to work with the Occupation by allowing them to spend the night at the Belvedere and return to the 4th and Jefferson park in the morning.

    Local businesses are also supporting the Louisville Occupation in various ways. Not ever business that is supporting the occupation by providing food, bathrooms or other services to the group wants their name publicly associated with the Occupation. Impellizzeri's Pizza was willing to not only have their name associated with this light-hearted group of protesters, but offered their bathrooms as well as pizza to those who plan to occupy downtown Louisville.

    There were also several individuals who brought donations of water, food and snacks. One such donation consisted of paper bags filled with freshly popped popcorn, bottled water and cookies hand baked by a mother of two. What an amazing representation of community, shown on the very first day of the occupation!

    Water, popcorn and home baked cookies

    Occupy Louisville has established a general assembly to create a community environment for those who join the cause. In an extremely democratic fashion, the Occupation has established a variety of teams to ensure that there are leaders and volunteers dedicated to several tasks. There is a group which is specifically dedicated to interacting with the media and maintaining Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook presence. The group voted on and agreed upon a proposal saying that it was crucial to have a group which focuses on respecting the space they inhabit by keeping it sanitary. There are also active medical, food, education, legal and outreach groups which all exist because of members of the Occupy Louisville community who are prepared to endure the occupation come Hell or thunderstorms.

    Louisville has seen its fair share of crazy metrological issues in the past 18 months, but this Tuesday was quite an exception to the rule of bizarre Kentuckiana weather.

    If the bright, sunny and downright pleasant weather in downtown Louisville is an indication of how things are going to happen for the Occupy Louisville group, the Occupants have  nothing but good things ahead of them. 

    The occupation is currently holding general assemblies, which are open to the public, and they invite everyone to join, learn more about the movement and participate. The Occupy Louisville assemblies are being held in the 4th and Jefferson park at 1pm and 7pm, daily.

    More information about the occupation can be found at the following website:

    Photos: P.Newman

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