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    The fecklessly comedic ragtag group calling itself “Occupy Louisville” for the past six months appears to be approaching its dénouement.   The failure of their magical thinking was not only predictable, but was predicted (by us).  Having devolved from a handful of idealistic “activists,” into a conglomeration of drunks, druggies, pedophiles and assorted miscreants, the motley crew of degenerates has turned a lovely city park into a midden.  And, today, it appears that their trashy blot on the cityscape is about to end.

    OL EVICTED.gifJames L. Mims, Director of Metro Louisville’s Department of Codes and Regulations, sent a letter today to J. David Barfield, informing him that his application requesting that Occupy Louisville be allowed to continue its presence a Founder’s Square was being denied.  Since Occupy Louisville’s previous permit expired on March 31, this means that the groups continued camp-out in the city park is illegal. 

    In his letter, Mims cited a number of problems with the Occupy Louisville demonstration:

    • The sidewalks and benches at Founder’s Square have not been accessible to the general public.
    • Severe damage to the property will require “extensive refurbishment.”
    • New sod needs to be laid in the park as soon as possible, requiring the park to be closed.
    • Occupy Louisville owes the City $365 for its unpaid electric bill to LG&E.

    Occupy Louisville 3.jpgMims continues:  “Further, there have been several incidents or altercations over the past several months that required police and Emergency Medical Services intervention at Founder’s Square with the most recent occurring on April 3, 2012, when two Occupy Louisville ‘residents’ got into a physical altercation. Neither the current application nor the previous applications indicate that Occupy Louisville has made or will make any provision for security personnel to insure either ‘event area security’ or ‘overnight security’ despite the several incidents that have required a police response. Therefore, Occupy LouisviIle’s failure to protect its participants from each other in the past and the lack of any security plan in the current application to address the problem is another reason the application must be denied.”

    The city official also observed that the representative for Occupy Louisville on the current application is different from the previous individual applicant, and that previous representatives of Occupy Louisville have asked that a new permit not be issued and essentially questioned the current individual applicant’s authority to act on behalf of Occupy Louisville.

    Occupy Louisville 4.jpg“While these disturbing circumstances have not dictated our decision to deny the permit application,” Mims wrote, “such circumstances have reinforced that decision. This office remains concerned there is no defined leadership of Occupy Louisville who has been or will be individually responsible to insure adherence to the representations made in this and past applications. The necessity of police intervention at Founder’s Square on several occasions and the current unpaid electrical usage have proven this concern to be well-founded.”

    In the letter, the City has given the Occupy Louisville demonstrators until Friday, April 13, to vacate the park.

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