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    Tonight’s Patriot Game marks the ninth meeting between basketball teams from the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Louisville Fire Department.

    The game itself works in conjunction to raise money and awareness for the Healing Place, a quality charity that aids homeless individuals and those with recovery needs.

    As the game itself is only three days away from the ten year anniversary of September 11th the game is also meant to stand as a beacon of remembrance for those affected by that tragedy, and the fire fighters and police officers that leant their services to the cause.

    The records of both teams do have the police up, however they’re has been plenty of attention paid to the squad that the fire department is putting together this year.

    Tip off time is 6:30, but events will be going on at the site of the game, The Kentucky International Convention Center, most of the day. Beginning at 4:00 when kids within first through eighth grades are invited to attend a free basketball clinic with NCAA championship coach, Scott Davenport.

    Tickets for the game are ten dollars, a donation essentially to the Healing Place, while youth tickets- 17 and under are free. Youth will also receive a free Patriot Game T-Shirt with entrance.
    In addition, a family friendly atmosphere will be cultivated at the game complete with inflatables, dance and step teams, to name just a few attractions.

    Finally, let’s not forget the trash talking which adds a certain level of friendly competition. According to WDRB, Chief Gregory Frederick from the Fire and Rescue department commented on his team’s victory last year, “Every now and then when I'm having a tough day at the office and things maybe aren't going so well, I rely on technology, and I reach in my pocket and pull out my trusty Blackberry and the picture I have of last year's scoreboard -- it just brightens my day.” In response Police Chief, Robert White commented, “We have won -- everybody played this down -- but we have won five of the eight games -- and we don't have the time that the fire department has to practice, also.”

    With that between the benches talking I think we all have to collectively say, “It’s on!”

    Image courtesy of WDRB

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