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    Of course I know all of you read the preview, so I won’t harp on the previously delivered obvious…

    So, the LARGEST attended WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday did happen…and, reportedly, twas indeed last night.  As warned I was in attendance from the start.

    These United States warmed up the first set with a couple of the Trampled by Turtles’ lads and they tore it town.  Seriously, they are not to be compromised and while I’ll wager it was the ‘oracle’ Sean Cannon, or infamous Laura Shine who gave the preview mentioned quote…this band is truly remarkable.  Still in awe of the entire evening so everyone is going to get mad kudos…keep calm and read on…

    Now, The Walkmen…are still The Walkmen…which is a very, very, good thing…I knew I had to take an early photo as, true to form, the boys wore suits in this KY weather, but they continue to deliver that loving, melodic goodness that has always defined them.  Okay Blunderbuss worshippers and BRMC disciples…it’s not as ‘hard’…but the new rips are clean, thorough, and delivering…I dig it…if you don’t GFY (‘good for you’ or whatever else you may think that means…#kisses).

    As the sun set…Trampled by Turtles took the stage…now, per the preview, this crew had/has the mission to translate their punk/rock roots into an acoustic rip.  I can’t describe, in all my colorfully attempted prose, how well this is successfully achieved.  The boys RAGE…I mean hands/arms moving faster than that Kung-Fu shuffle in the middle of an atom splitting centrifuge…and when any loving bunch plays ‘The Weight’ and pulls it off…even the main geeza, Levon Helm (RIP) would represent…thank you all…xoxo

    Photo credit: Yours Truly (theft would be subject to a Slurpee brainfreeze by @ShowYouSuck)

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