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    Last night was purely mystic.  It started as a typical Thursday evening but with the help of The Palace Theater, the wonderful people at Live Nation (that’s right, I said it), the remarkable Sydney O’Bryan, and ‘The Prophet’ in the overcrowded parking garage elevator who said ‘You want a beer?  It’s time for The Crow man’, it became a most memorable evening for yours truly and ALL in attendance.  Granted all didn’t meet 'The Prophet', but that’s their own misfortune and obviously just the way the stars fell in align for me.

    Now, for the thousands of you who have the pleasure of basking in my self-acclaimed genius, you should be aware by now that I rarely talk about set lists.  Today I veer slightly from past lesson plans as it is impossible not to talk about the latest album, Carry Me Back¸ that was unveiled during the gig.  Of course I already knew it was amazing, but the performances of ‘Levi’, ‘We Don’t Grow Tobacco’, and ‘Mississippi Saturday Night’ (naming only a mere few) were absolutely all-star.  If I lead you astray, come find me and let’s chat, but fans new and old will truly be grateful for adding this gem to the other jewels in their auditory treasure chest.

    Thank you boys!  Ketch, Critter and the gang carried us all back to Americana pleasure town and it was a really amazing evening.  For your own sanity and peace of mind, I hope you catch them on this tour if you missed out.  For those that failed to regard my advice and didn’t show, then I still hope your mama rocked some sense into you and know that you will never have a chance to meet a ‘Prophet’ unless you go see ‘The Crow’.

    Photo Credit: This guy (penalty for thievery is bath salt treatment)

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