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    (See Film below and leave comments for filmmaker.)

    Experimental art house films aren't really something you see every day in Louisville. Local filmmaker Matt Fulks made an experimental art house piece last year for the 48 hour film festival and was given the "Best Editing" and "Best Original Score" awards. It was also runner up for best film. It's not hard to see why it would be given those awards, as the score and editing are intensive. The 48 hour Film Festival requires filmmakers to draw a genre on Friday night and make a film within 48 hours that fits their given genre and fulfills other randomly drawn stipulations. Fulks and his team drew "inspirational."

    "Rather than the typical underdog story," he said, "we went witha more literal approach and made the film itself serve as the inspiration..."

    The seven and a half minute film is a mash up of bizzare and sometimes disturbing sounds and images. Dreamlike images and fractured moments play out as a woman speaks poetry in French. While your mind is mesmerized with the flashing and changing imagery, the film ends with a question that really shows how much the filmmaker was able to get in to your head and keep your attention. It will certainly always be remembered by Fulks and his group.

    "The scene we shot on the rooftop of the garage was one of the better moments I've ever had filming. I think it had to do with us being completely exhausted but still trying to create, but watching Patrick staggering around with that telescope as the sun was rising; [it] was just such a surreal experience. It was so strangely beautiful," Fulks reminisced before sharing another fitting moment.

     "It was late Saturday night and we were filming the very last shot.  We literally didn't sleep throughout the entire process so we (Patrick, Caleb and I)  were all completely exhausted. I don't think any of us could really tell you what exactly ignited the whole thing, but our shoot wrapped with a pretty intense fist fight in my backyard. Patrick and I we're just at each others throats about something stupid I'm sure. I think it had to do with the way he was carving 'Lefty' on a rock... Caleb was really trying to be a peace keeper but just ended up getting in our way, resulting in a 3-way scuffle. By the end of it, everyone was fighting everyone and no one. We all cooled off, had a cigarette, and then I hit the editing room like it never happened. We've been really close friends since middle school so shit like that happens from time to time, but it seemed like an appropriate way to end our little odyssey."

    Director/Cinematographer/editor - Matt Fulks
    Voice Over - Amber Garvey
    Original Music - Caleb Cook
    Ending Credits Music
    Nerves Junior - "As Bright As Your Night Light"

    Patrick Lyons
    Caleb Cook
    Laci Pauley 
    Robert Janes.

    You can watch the film below. 


    Photograph: On the set during filming of "Palinoia." Video and photograph supplied by Matt Fulks

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