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    As the Chic Geek crew gets ready for New York Fashion Week, we’re facing that age-old nightmare: How are we going to fit all of our outfits into that suitcase? We’ve all been there. We’re going on a weekend trip and two suitcases and 5 pairs of shoes later, we realize that maybe there’s a problem. Well Chic Geek would like to argue this: people don’t over pack, they simply don’t know how to pack. So here are a few travel tips.

    1. Don’t accessorize before security. Security is a nightmare, we understand. However, twelve bangles, a strategically placed belt, and your strappy wedges will not make the journey any more dreamlike. Also, who wants to try to manage 12 different bins? Keep accessories in a bag and get fierce after security. If you want to take this a step further, you don’t even have to get completely made up. I mean let’s face it, there’s only so much time you can casually hang out in a Starbucks before the flight, and then you’ll be on a flight with what to do? Pull a celebrity and wear the shades indoors and let’s cut down security time.
    2. Roll basics. Folding t-shirts and jeans leave those awkward line creases down the middle. Rolling leaves no trace of suitcase travel and saves room. Plus, if everything is rolled, you can easily see at a glance what you have. All it takes is the flustered search for a plain white t to wreak havoc in your suitcase. Save yourself some time and still look polished; roll your shirts. One more thing: pack wrinkle-free. There’s no point in being all fancy with a linen. No one will be impressed that you took the time to iron, but they’ll definitely notice if you didn’t. Cut out that step. Look effortless and chic.
    3. Ship back what you buy. No one plans on shopping when they travel. At least not according to their luggage. “It didn’t fit when I got here! How’s it going to fit after a day at Bergdorf’s?” If the state doesn’t charge sales tax and the place where you purchase your goods doesn’t have a store in your state, there is no sales tax. But beyond that fact, you get presents when you get home and you won’t have to struggle to create room in your suitcase!
    4. Who do you want to be this week? In regards to over packing, pack conscientiously. Chic geek is split on whether to plan your outfits to the day but we agree on this much: you have to be aware of what you’re packing. View your travels a little like Vegas. You can be whoever you want to be. If you want to look like the expensive, business executive, pack mostly heels, sleek pencil skirts and crisp tops. If you want to look like the jet setter, pack trendier pieces with show-stopping nighttime options.
    5. Mix and Match. This in a way relates to conscious packing, but there’s no point in packing 10 different non-matching separates for 5 days. Think about those old magazine feature 12 outfits using 15 pieces and try to emulate that in your packing. Efficient has never meant not chic.
    6. Remember that you are returning home.  If you take more than a quarter of any of your belongings, you’re planning on moving. Don’t take full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Bringing face wash is understandable, but just pick up some small basics at the convenience store and save yourself the packing room.

    For professional travelers, these tips are a no-brainer, but we’re here to be chic in ways you wouldn’t necessarily think of. A suitcase so heavy it takes a buff airport security guard’s help is never in style. Hopefully we can remember some of our own tips (sometimes you just need 12 pairs of heels for a trip like this) and stay posted for our coverage of New York Fashion Week!

    Fashionably yours,

    Chic Geek

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    By trade I am the Style Editor of Louisville Magazine and Louisville Bride. In addition to that I contribute fashion commentary on-air, and regularly produce various fashion shows locally.

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