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    Papalino's NY Pizzeria
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    There is some palatably perfect aspect about pizza that makes everything awesome in a chaotic world. Pizza is multi-purposeful. You can even eat it cold for breakfast after a night of revelry, and it still somehow manages to taste like a brass band heralding joy. How pizza is supremely fantastic even when cold I will never know. You can choose pizza for a more traditional lunch or dinner as well. An oft-told quote sums up pizza philosophy: Even when not up to par, it is still pretty tasty. Yet, why in comfort food when it is not mouth-watering for every bite?

    Papalino's NY Pizzeria

    Kinga and I both agree: Papalinos all the way.

    All I can say is, thank goodness for Papalinos Pizza on Baxter Avenue (and also on Springhurst Boulevard). Self-tagged, “The Best of NY in Louisville,” it is my personal favorite Louisville spot for a night after fireball cocktails and dancing with my best friends. It puts all the other casual Friday and Saturday night pizza locales to shame.

    Joe was only in town for a week, so glad he was able to have some of Louisville's top eats while here!

    Papalinos' ingredients taste fresh and succulent. You can get pizza by the slice for $4.00 (or $5.00 for the vegans who also are in the pizza fan club), and I am talking a “slice” that will be bigger than your face, as it should be. I ended up boxing some of mine for leftovers, and I eagerly anticipated lunch the following day. It has just the right amount of grease that you not so secretly crave for after a night out on the town. It’s ideally crisp and luscious New York-style pizza and I would even venture to Papalinos for a carefree early dinner with friends or family.

    I am a big fan of pineapple and bacon paired with pizza. In my foodie mind, I picture a seamless combination of the trio as taste bud nirvana. Papalinos knows its pizza toppings. A server recommended the house-cured bacon, which was the most wonderful part of the gorging experience. I can still taste that stellar texture saturated with smoky pangs.  Prime for feasting.

    Plain and simple: Papalinos is the ultimate weekend hangout. And what better way to spiritedly reflect on life’s adventures than by wolfing down flavorful pizza with your closest friends?

    Also adorable and delicious date food if you want to pull a Lady and the Tramp and split some savory Italian. Example A: Morgan and Brett and their yum-tastic calzone.

    This calzone has fresh-made dough, whole milk ricotta, basil, and whole milk mozzarella. Plus whatever three toppings you decide to add!

    P.S. I know you all will be wanting some Papalinos for the epic flames of rivalry that will be fanned for Louisville basketball. They have a beer list if you want a refreshing beverage to pair with your glorious carbs. Need I say more? Here are some digits you will want in your phone: 502-749-8525. 

    All Photos: Courtesy of Julie Lamb

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