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    The crowd became enveloped in darkness.  The anticipation was felt across the expanse of bodies as screams of excitement nearly burst my eardrums  A split second later, there was the band in all its glory against a white backdrop: Paramore.  My middle-school self was shamelessly "fan-girling" at this moment.  


    I almost had to pinch myself.  For all the agonizing months of waiting for this tour, Writing the Future, to arrive in Louisville, this show was well worth the wait.  Let’s just talk about the Louisville Palace.  In my opinion, it is one of the best venues Louisville has to offer for concerts.  Its ornate baroque architecture only added to the ambience of the giant party hosted by lead singer Haley Williams herself.  With incredible lighting and animated band members, the atmosphere in the venue was nothing short of electrifying, fun, and energetic.  


    The band’s opener “Daydreaming” would not have been my first choice.  However, Haley filled the auditorium with her rich, vibrant vocals, making me no longer care.  Her gripping, strong voice was a heavenly sound indeed.  Throughout the set list, Haley busted some of her cute, sassy dance moves, keeping the audience engaged.  At one point, Haley instructed the audience to put their phones up and the darkened room was soon illuminated.


    Lyrically, Paramore always seems to nail it, satisfying my middle and high school angsty, dramatic days.  I have too many favorite one-liners to list, but here are just a few.  On hypocrisy: “Next time you point a finger, I’ll point you to the mirror.”  On harsh truths: “Don't you know by now? You can't turn back because this road is all you'll ever have.”  On exes: “You were the greatest thing.  Now you’re just a memory to let go of.”     


    Paramore played other songs off their latest self-titled album, including “Hate to See Your Heart Break” and “(One of Those) Crazy Girls.”  Only for brief periods did the pace slow down when a few acoustic sets were played.  Paramore appropriately closed out the set with “Ain’t It Fun.”  Of course, I have to make mention of their old stuff.  No one in the crowd could resist singing along to “The Only Exception” and “Misery Business.”


    Paramore was preceded by Copeland, who has a long-time friendship with Paramore.

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