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    Can you hear butter?

    I did.  As soon as Paula Deen came on the phone and said “hello darrrlin’” in that smooth southern drawl …it was like butter!

    I was lucky enough to chat with Paula about her visit here, this Saturday at Horseshoe Casino.  We spent about 15 minutes chatting about her story.  I told her it’s almost too magical, if it were a TV movie people would find it too smarmy and sweet, like some of her desserts.  She objected.  “Oh honey, you should have lived was hard but it was blessed.”  

    But even she admitted to being caught up in it.   “I was reading the first printing of my memoirs”, which is a 4 syllable word when Paula says it, “ and I couldn’t put it down even though I knew how it ended”  she said with a laugh.

    Laughs is what you’ll get, when you go see “A Holiday Evening with Paula Deen”,  This Saturday, 7:30 at Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana. This is a DINNER event that includes:  Paula telling her favorite Holiday stories, a live cooking demo by an on-stage chef and a plated sampling of authentic Paula Deen recipes and dessert.  Prices range from $55 to $100 dollars.  Click here to buy online or go to Horseshoe box office.

    Paula’s stories are as sticky as a piece of her peanut butter fudge, which I found out contains a half a block of Velveeta cheese.  “oh that one surprises everyone, when I first told my neighbors they cussed me”.  The evening will be filled with her stories, her husband Michael will be along and she swears you’ll as happy as a tick on a fat dog. 

    As we wrapped up our time, I asked her what one recipe from her past would she  recommend for the holidays, she paused..”just one?”.  One I insisted.  She sighed “I’d take a step back in time…and taste my mother’s divinity….I can still see her kitchen.  I make it time and time again, but I can never do it quite like momma’s”.  We sat in silence for just a moment.  Soaking in this complete story, Paula’s story and her appeal told in one sentence.   

    Photos by Horseshoe Casino

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