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    In the mere four days of school last week, I packed PB&J twice for my 1st grader.  The lunchbox returned home as usual, soiled with the carcass of a crust in the shape of a sticky smile.  This year, I aspire to be great in the lunchbox department; my son will return home with an empty, licked clean lunchbox and will be the envy of all the other six-year-olds at his table.  But struggle with ideas for my picky eater, so I did a little research.  Here are the ideas I'll try:

    • Sandwich on a stick:  take a wooden skewer and load it with bread, cheese cubes, and veggies (everyone loves food on a stick)
    • Pin-wheels:  smear cream cheese on a tortilla, sprinkle on shaved carrots, diced cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, or dried fruit.  Roll up tightly, then slice into finger-friendly sections (they just plain look cool)
    • Peanut butter and banana quesadilla:  smear PB on a tortilla, slice bananas on top, fold over once, slice into triangles (my son's favorite and no crusts return home)
    • Dip Day: Hummus, Bean Dip, or Homemade yogurt or sour-creme based dip paired with cut up carrots, celery, red bell peppers, fruit, crackers, pretzels, and tortellini (hit all the food groups in this dippy endeavor)
    • Tuna with a sweet tooth: This is the best tuna recipe ever!!!!  Mix an un-salted tuna can or two with mayo a touch of dijon, add diced apples, raisins, sweet onion, and curry powder (The only tuna my child will eat and he always asks for seconds
     Good luck lunchbox packers!  Remember it takes 10-12 introductions of a new food for young taste buds to recognize an acceptable food.     

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    I am married with two children and a middle school English teacher, so I am constantly trying to squeeze in the things I love: writing, reading, painting, yoga, cooking, and traveling.

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