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    North End Cafe's pancakes are simply divine. At the hint of these perfect textured cakes, consisting of flour and corn meal and topped with a dusting of fine powdered sugar, kids tie their own shoes and run salivating out to the car.  There's never an objection to this restaurant in my house, especially when prefaced by, "How about some pancakes?" at 4:00 in the afternoon when all mom really wants is a glass of wine and to feel like a part of society again.

    The pancakes are sold all day as is the full tapas, lunch, and dinner menus making this a versatile restaurant to please all palates. While the weekend mornings are a bit crowded, our motto is, "in by 10:00."  If you reach the door by 10:00 a.m., there generally isn't a wait.  There are always pancake specials of the day ranging from lemon custard to bacon-cheddar, a variety of fruit compotes to slather them in, or opt for the classic butter and syrup combination that flashes you back to childhood sans the smell that clings to everything in your house for the entire day.  

    The prices are comparable to Lynn's, Toast, and other upscale breakfast joints, but the options tend to be on the healthier side of these cafes.  

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