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    Pink Droyd took Floyd fans "Beyond the Wall" Saturday at Headliners
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    The gods of Floyd showed some love when Headliners booked Pink Droyd for a night of smooth and surreal Pink Floyd songs for Louisville Floyd fans, sponsored in part by 107.7 The Eagle.  The Floyd faithful sat back and enjoyed the mellow, relaxing atmosphere with a cocktail in hand as Pink Droyd plugged in and rocked out.

    Many people will agree that there are certain bands that should not be covered, under any circumstance. Pink Floyd is on that short list that also includes Rush and Led Zeppelin. Pink Droyd can not only pull off the Floyd cover, but they do it very well.  The wonderful thing about Pink Droyd is their attention to detail with both music and atmosphere.  The lighting engineers, Herm Productions, designed extremely detailed lighting techniques to compliment the music.  The light show hinged on perfection as colored beams coincided with the spot on music. 

    The stage presence of 6 guys who, combined have over 30 years of Floyd experience.  Kevin Quandt (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Talk Box), in his unique way, presented a young David Gilmour with fantastic voice replication.  Not only did Quandt cover Gilmour with grace, he picked up Waters' parts with ease. Mike Lennon (Lead Guitar) supported the Floyd cause with amazing guitar rifts, so much that if you closed your eyes, you could see yourself at a Floyd show. Nick Talevski (Drums, Percussion, FX) took this concert to a fun level, keeping the beat and helping to design the many great effects for the show.

    Craig "Craiger" Harnish (Bass, Vocals, Bass Synthesizer Pedals), who stayed in the background of the stage, replicated the unique sounds of Floyd with great precision.  Daniel Fisher (Synthesizers, Organ, Piano, Vocals, Third Guitar, Trombone) worked diligently to provide the distinctive studio sounds heard on every Floyd album.  His contribution with The Wall was particularly well done. Saxophonist Stevie Lunn added timely accents to the music.

    The show gave Floyd fans the opportunity to re-live those fantastic glory days of Pink Floyd concerts…or maybe get that much needed Floyd fix before the Roger Waters show in June!

    Cover photo: Courtesy of Pink Droyd

    Kevin Quandt, lead singer brings David Gilmour to life
    Percussionist and special effects guru, Nick Talevski
    A view from the balcony at Headliners
    Steel guitars always make Floyd sound better
    Kevin helps out with "Saucerful of Secrets"
    Blue lighting, courtesy of Herm Productions
    Herm Productions, lighting engineers, brought it all together
    Kevin is loving the audience at Headliners
    The audience is "Comfortably Numb"
    MIke Lennon grooves
    Kevin sings "The Wall"
    Craiger hung back on stage, but is well heard
    Fantastic lighting gave the show the added touch
    Looks a little like a young David Gilmour
    Mike Lennon helps out with vocals and guitar
    Lennon looks awesome against the cool lighting
    Kevin, along with Bassist Craiger bring the Floyd home
    Kevin, amid the coolest lighting
    Keyboardist Daniel Fisher helped with studio album sounds
    The blue lighting scheme was awesome!
    The light show was as good as the music-true Floyd lovers here.

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