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    When I lived in the dorms during my short time at UK, there was a row of restaurants across the street from my dorm building. One was the greasy place called Tolly-Ho, where I'm pretty sure people only went when they were drunk or hungover. The others were McDonalds', Chipotle, and the Pita Pit. Chipotle was a close second, but Pita Pit was definitely my favorite. That's why I was pretty excited when I saw a story on the Courier-Journal's website about five new Pita Pit franchises opening in Louisville. According to the article, the first location will open in the Plainview shopping center on July 2. Plainview is about the most inconvenient location in the city for me, but I'll be there. 

    The best way to describe the Pita Pit is to compare it to Subway. It's a casual place where you'd go for a quick lunch or dinner. You build your own pita sandwich, and most of their menu items are pretty healthy, but it's way better than Subway. Pita Pit  has falafel, hummus, and baba ghanoush. I also remember the veggies at the Pita Pit looking a lot fresher and more appetizing than Subway's. I was a vegetarian when I visited the Pita Pit regularly, so I don't know how good their menu items with meat are, but I just looked at the website and I want to try their lamb and beef gyro.  Right now I'm just hoping that the Pita Pit really is as good as I remember it, and that one of the other four locations will be closer to my neighborhood.

    (Photo taken from the Pita Pit website.)

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