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    Print this page is launching an open Beta release of its new social networking platform on October 15th, 2011 at 3:00 PM at 21c Hotel in downtown Louisville. PolarPointe is a new social networking platform that connects the real world with the digital world. Based on a core set of values that are best characterized by “love thy neighbor as thyself”, the new platform is designed to allow individuals to control their data and information, and easily control how that information is used. Many are unaware that most of the existing social networking platforms take a license to your information and the media that you post. Many are also unaware that the existing platforms make their money by trading on the information they collect from their users. With PolarPointe, anytime the company earns income on the information of its community members, that community member has an opportunity to earn 20% of that income, without it costing them anything to participate in the compensation plan.

    At the Beta Launch event PolarPointe will be introducing some if its strategic partners who are assisting in development of the site. The company will also be announcing its schedule of workshops that it will be conducting as well as the schedule of training seminars it will be hosting on how to use the site.
    PolarPointe was founded by Alex Day and Jeanine Phillips, two local entrepreneurs who recognized the need for a values based social network that takes into consideration the privacy concerns of users. They founded the company in the first quarter of 2011 and have engaged two software development teams to build the new platform. A unique feature of PolarPointe is its combination of an internet based social networking platform, with real world meetings and workshops. PolarPointe is initially launching in Louisville, KY and will be opening offices in Silicon Valley in the coming months.

    Some of the real world programs that are offered by PolarPointe include a workshop on becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business. Other workshops include: “What you should take” which is hosted by a world renowned researcher who will examine what science says about what you should be taking in terms of pharmaceuticals and natural products; “How to build a website” which will discuss how small businesses can minimize their expenses and build their own website on the PolarPointe platform; and “Digital Scrapbooking”, how to organize your digital photos, videos and other memories that can be easily shared with family and friends.

    PolarPointe will also be launching its PolarPointe Business Cafes in the 4th quarter of 2012. PolarPointe Business Cafes will be connected with the internet social networking platform, but will provide a real world location where entrepreneurs and sales professionals can access cutting edge digital business tools, hold a meeting, or just grab a cup of coffee. To learn more about PolarPointe and the how the digital world will meet the real world, visit

    For more information please contact Jeanine Phillips at 502-767-8364 or at

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