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    Poorcastle: a festival for the rest of us
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    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the entire idea of summer music festivals. I find them to be, theoretically, good ideas: lots of music at one place and time with like-minded folks out in the beauty of Mother Nature. What’s not to like, right? But the reality ends up being that festivals are too expensive,  the acts that I want to see never seem to be playing on the same day, the lay-out of the venue is so spread out that procuring a drink means I will have to choose between hydration and seeing the opening part of my favorite band’s set. Plus?  Festivals are always in the summer and just too darn hot.

    Because of all of these reasons, I have never actually attended a music festival.

    Enter Poorcastle.

    Scheduled for July 6, 2013, Poorcastle is a one day festival that will be held at Apocalypse Brew Works on Mellwood Avenue from 1:00 p.m.-midnight. Admission is a mere $5.00 and it’s an all-ages show. You are encouraged to bring your own seating and can even bring your own water (no glass containers and no alcohol can be brought in).

    The line-up will be:

    2:00     Kathleen Hoye

    2:45     Phourist

    3:30     The Hart Strings

    4:15     Kristen Cothron and the Darkside

    5:00     Huh Robots

    5:45     Nick Peay Band

    6:30     The Viaducts

    7:15     The Uncommon Houseflies

    8:00     Tall Squares

    8:45     Plastic Bubble

    9:30     Electric Kites

    10:15   Stereo Empire

    So, to summarize: talented local and regional musicians (all in one place!), fair admission cost, food trucks, great local beer and I can bring my own water?

    Finally, a music festival I can get on board with!

    For more information, visit The Poorcastle website or follow them on Facebook.

    (If only the organizers could also promise me a cool summer breeze on that day. Fingers crossed!)

    Photo courtesy of Facebook/Poorcastle.



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