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    The perfect combination of local authors and a local bookstore comes into symbiosis this Saturday. Esteemed music writer, Kevin Sedelmeier and his son Lucas have just published their first book together entitled "Pop Goes The Culture: A Father and Son's Take on the World." And to celebrate this feat, they are having a book signing at The Reader's Corner Bookstore this Saturday from 1 until 3 pm.  


    The dichotomy of the wise dad and naive son is not necessarily a new theme in literature. But the novel "Pop Goes The Culture: A Father and Son's Take on the World" gives a refreshingly nuanced glimpse into the way age and experience alters our perception of the world.


    This juxtaposition is explored throughout the book in essays on topics explored by both father and son. Both Kevin, and his second-grade son, Lucas write on a series of musings from Pizza Hut to The Muppets. Dad Kevin sprinkles in his spin on popular culture along with wisdom and a dash of nostalgia. Lucas, on the other hand, explores the topics with a combination of rose-colored simplicity and at times brutal honesty that only a child can dish out.  


    I really enjoyed the book. It was an easy read, and Kevin's biting wit and pithy references to popular culture (a la Chuck Klosterman) kept me entertained. I also liked how after each of Kevin's essays, Lucas interjects in a matter-of-fact kind of way seems to add resolution and finality to the topic. It was almost as if the seven-year-old was giving me permission to move on. Lucas has this sort of "Yoda-like" voice that guided me through the book. 


    The book is appropriate for all ages and it's definitely something that the whole family can enjoy together. I also think this would make a smashing Father's Day present for those dad's who are literate. As a feel-good bonus to buying the "Pop Goes the Culture", all of the royalties for book sales will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation- a non-profit donor supported organization. 


    For more information about the book signing on Saturday, please contact The Reader's Corner Bookstore at




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