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    This morning Forecastle released the scheduled set-times for this year’s festival stirring up excitement, but also devastation. The good news is that My Morning Jacket is set to play for 2 1/2 hours on Saturday, a general census we’re all thrilled by. On the other hand the Twitter sphere seemed to be in a slight uproar over Sunday’s line-up. The major conflict most Tweeters are reprimanding lies between Portugal. The Man and Modest Mouse. Both bands are scheduled within 15 minutes of each other causing some serious heartache and indecision. 

    While Forecastle (and the bands) probably have good reason for the widely denounced scheduling conflict, festival-goers will have to make a dreaded choice. What are those choices? Well, there's only two. 

    1. See Both

    Pros and cons here. Personally for me, mostly cons. The only real pro being you would see both acts. Cons however include, only seeing a portion of the set and possibly missing your favorite songs. Getting close to either wouldn’t be an option unless you’re willing to throw some 'bows. If you can’t part ways this is your only option, but who will you choose to see first?

    2. Pick One 

    Put on your decision-making pants and just pick one. Heartbreak and sorrow don’t last forever and ditching one for the other won’t make you any less of a fan. Festivals render you with tons of options and making choices is, well, a part of that life. 

    So which one? Modest Mouse or Portugal. The Man? 

    For me, I’d have to pick Modest Mouse. It’s been eight years since Modest Mouse has released a new album. EIGHT YEARS! Strangers to Ourselves arrived for our listening pleasure back in March and they will begin their tour at the end of June. Forecastle being a destination on this tour is kind of a big deal, considering the Washington natives haven’t toured in years and usually never this far East. It’s been seven years since they last played in Louisville and their return is well overdue. 

    Nothing against Portugal. The Man what so ever, but it seems more of a rarity to have Modest Mouse here in the city especially after so long. Plus any die hard fans of Portugal. The Man would have seen them at The Brown last year. The group is also working on their eighth album, so a tour could be expected out of them soon in which I feel Louisville or a nearby city would be likely on the map. 


    Just remember you have 3 weeks to consider, so don’t go and make any rash decisions! 


    Photos Courtesy of Forecastle Festival 


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